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Plant Ecology and Evolution (a continuation of Belgian Journal of Botany, incorporating Systematics and Geography of Plants) is an international journal devoted to ecology, phylogenetics and systematics of all ‘plant’ groups in the traditional sense (including algae, cyanobacteria, fungi, myxomycetes), also covering related fields such as comparative and developmental morphology, conservation biology, evo­lution, phytogeography, pollen and spores, population biology, and vegetation studies. Submissions concerning tropical and sub­tropical Africa are particularly welcome. The journal is published by Meise Botanic Garden and the Royal Botanical Society of Belgium and contains original research papers, review articles, checklists, short communications and book reviews.

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Impact Factor: 1.119
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Editorial policies

 To attain production of a high quality academic content, the editorial team of Plant Ecology and Evolution, the authors and the external reviewers are expected to adhere fully to the Peer Review Process policy, the journal's Publication Ethics standards, and the policy on Copyright and Access for the journal's content. Author do not have to pay any Fees to publish in the journal. Readers can access the online version of papers at no charge, and are welcome to support the journal by subscribing to the print version.

Publication Frequency

Plant Ecology and Evolution publishes three issues per year (one volume). The journal is published both online and as print version. Print versions are sent to 17 major institutional libraries. For a full list of these libraries, please contact the editorial office.



The publication of Plant Ecology and Evolution is supported by two non-profit organisations dedicated to the understanding and conservation of plant biodiversity: the Meise Botanic Garden and the Royal Botanical Society of Belgium.



Meise Botanic Garden

The Meise Botanic Garden (formely National Botanic Garden of Belgium) was founded as a private horticultural ­society in 1827 and became a government body in 1870. It houses nowadays a living collection of 17,000 species as well as a large herbarium and a research institute, focusing on the vegetation and flora of Western Europe and of Tropical Africa. The ­Garden published a home journal from 1902 onwards, the Bulletin du Jardin botanique de l’Etat, which became ­Systematics and Geography of Plants in 1999.
Other publications from the Garden are, inter alia, the Flore d’Afrique centrale, the Fungus Flora of tropical ­Africa, and two book series, Opera Botanica Belgica (a series of ­botanical monographs) and Scripta Botanica Belgica (a ­series of miscellaneous botanical documentation).
The Garden has a tight link with the Botanical Society ever since its foundation. The library of the Meise Botanic Garden also houses and keeps the library of the Botanical Society. The Catalogue of the two libraries is available on the internet.


Royal Botanical Society of Belgium

The Society was founded in 1862 and published a journal from this year onwards, first under the title Bulletin de la Société Royale de Botanique de Belgique. The title first changed (1990) into Belgian Journal of Botany, becoming Plant Ecology and Evolution in 2010.
The journal is now published in collaboration with the ­Meise Botanic Garden. The Society and the Botanic Garden also publish Dumortiera, a journal devoted to national floristics.
The Society promotes botany through scientific research, publications, conferences and excursions and distributes several awards for botanical research. The Society keeps a large library of about one thousand titles of periodicals, among which c. 270 ones are current.
Authors are encouraged to become a member of the ­Society (www.botany.be).


Journal History

Plant Ecology and Evolution is the merger of two former journals, Belgian Journal of Botany (whose numbering it continues) and Systematics and Geography of Plants. The two publishers of these journals, the Royal Botanical Society of Belgium and Meise Botanic Garden respectively, kept their independence from commercial academic publishers for more than 150 years now.
In the last decades, the two journals developed internationalization and impact. The online publication on IngentaConnect from 2005 onwards was a milestone. Moreover, the two titles steadily had more and more in common, inter alia their focus on tropical Africa, and with the gradual disappearance of physiological submissions, Belgian Journal of Botany switched in fact from a general botanical journal to a journal of field botany. This and improved efficiency were the main motives for the merger.

Belgian Journal of Botany and former titles (published by the Royal Botanical Society of Belgium)
The journal started under the title Bulletins de la Société royale de Botanique de Belgique, in 1862, the same year as the foundation of the Société. It was a publication for members of the botanical society, as reflected by the title. This member journal at the beginning published a mix of society matters (bylaws, member lists, minutes of meetings) and scientific contributions, mainly from Belgian members. It grew out into an international journal of general botany, especially in the 20th century. This tendency was translated by the title change (1990) into Belgian Journal of Botany.
In the first decades of the Bulletin’s existence, it is not clear by whom the editorial work was undertaken. The first clearly mentioned editors (“secrétaire des publications”) were F. Crépin (vols 6–13, 1867–1874) and A. Cogniaux (vol. 14, 1875 & vols 51–53, 1910–1914). The special volume 50 (1909) was published by J. Chalon. Editorship is fully clear from 1949 onwards, when the journal was continued by A. Lawalrée (1949–1969), P. Compère (1970–2002), O. Raspé (2003–2009) and E. Robbrecht (2010– ).
Title history:
Volumes 1–5 (1862–1866): Bulletins de la Société royale de Botanique de Belgique
Volumes 6–113 (1867–1980): Bulletin de la Société royale de Botanique de Belgique
Volumes 114–122 (1981–1989): Bulletin de la Société royale de Botanique de Belgique / Bulletin van de Koninklijke Belgische Botanische Vereniging
Volumes 123–142 (1990–2009): Belgian Journal of Botany
Volumes 143– (2010–): Plant Ecology and Evolution (co-published with Meise Botanic Garden)

Systematics and Geography of Plants and former titles (published by the National Botanic Garden of Belgium, now Meise Botanic Garden)
In 1902, on the initiative of T. Durand, the Jardin botanique de l’Etat in Brussels started a home journal, a bulletin of miscellaneous meetings. The Bulletin du Jardin Botanique de l’Etat à Bruxelles was continued by E. De Wildeman, W. Robyns, F. Demaret, R. Tournay (1967–1972), A. Robyns (1973–1998) and E. Robbrecht (1999–2009). It developed into an international journal devoted to the systematics of all plant groups and fungi, also covering related fields such as phytogeography, evolution, comparative morphology, pollen and spores, and vegetation studies. A sketch of its history was published in an anniversary issue (Robbrecht 2002; https://www.jstor.org/stable/3668759).
Title history:
Volumes 1–5 (1902–1919): Bulletin du Jardin Botanique de l’Etat à Bruxelles
Volumes 6–14 (1919–1937): Bulletin du Jardin Botanique de l’Etat (Bruxelles)
Volumes 15–36 (1938–1966): Bulletin du Jardin Botanique de l’Etat (Bruxelles) / Bulletin van de Rijksplantentuin (Brussel)
Volumes 37–67 (1967–1998): Bulletin du Jardin Botanique National de Belgique / Bulletin van de Nationale Plantentuin van België
Volumes 68–79 (1999–2009): Systematics and Geography of Plants